What Big Name Games Have You Gotten So Far? (2013-2014) or Are Looking Forward to (2014)?

Between 2013 and up till now, what big name games have you gotten and do you recommend that game? Also, what big name games are you buying this year? For Me:

Games that I have bought:

Call of Duty: Ghosts- I say buy it at a discounted price. I loved the campaign but, the online multiplayer maps are too big and you are often killed by some sniper you never saw. I play Call of Duty multiplayer still and Ghosts pales in comparison.

Batman Arkham Origins- I loved the story, but the bugs effectively killed the game for me, no literally the game will not play at all anymore. I start the game on the loading screen comes on and it wont play or it will play but the audio is missing then it freezes.

Assassins Creed 3- I bought it and played. I loved the story. After the story there is nothing to do but kill random troops.

Hitman Absolution- Bought it, played it, loved it. But there were some levels where a shootout was unavoidable.

Games that I am Buying this year:

WatchDogs-been waiting for this one for while! Comes in 23 days from the time of this writing

Destiny-Just preordered it day before yesterday. Looks interesting so far!