Another laptop decision post

Hi guys,

I'm just starting a new job and I need a laptop. I spend 95% of my day in the office. Mostly using publisher, word, excel, outlook but I also have to be able to open large AutoCad drawing files looking at bridges.They have supplied me with 2 dell ultra sharp 23" monitors that I will spend the large majority of my time looking at. I will be working in Windows 8.1 while at work but I prefer osX while at home. I also have an iPhone and iPad. My thinking is that whenever I am I'm windows I will have access to power so battery life in bootcamp won't be a huge issue.

All that being said I have always wanted a Mac and I really like the Rmbp 13. Do you guys think that's a good choice or should I go for an X1 carbon, surface pro, or something else. Or do you think an air would work for me? The air or the pro would be 8gb ram and 256gb storage I think.