OSX 10.9.2 update for a 2008 iMac?

Today our family iMac popped a notification asking us to update to Mavericks, but I am not sure if it is advisable. When Mavericks came out we did not update, and still run OS X 10.6.8 as back then the update required 2gb of ram, and our iMac has only 1gb. However, back then there was no notification asking us to upgrade, so I am a bit baffled at what I should do, and I have been left to wonder if the update optimizes the OS to run on slower machines as well. I checked Apple's website again to revisit the requirements Mavericks imposes, and while it still states 2gb of ram, it has not been updated since November 2013. While I am aware that the system may run slower even if compatible, I am concerned about SSL-verification on older versions of OS X as it is one of the fixes listed for Mavericks 9.2.

Any advise would be deeply appreciated, thank you in advance.