One (M7) won't charge

Last night my phone showed a notification saying phone won't charge in USB host mode. I thought nothing of it as my phone wasn't even plugged in, and so I woke up this morning to find my HTC in car mode, I just thought I might have hit the app somehow while asleep & thought nothing of it. Then my phone kept going into landscape, thought nothing of it again & just hit the auto-rotate button twice to turn it on & off. Put my phone away for about an hour & it went from ~95% to ~40%, again thought nothing of it. Then my phone kept randomly opening the car mode app and going into landscape. Reset it & didn't fix it. And now my phone wont charge at all and my PC wont recognize it either.

TL;DR phone went into USB host mode, car app randomly starting & kept going into landscape orientation & wouldn't charge. Tried a reset & still no luck.

Has anyone else had this problem or know any fixes for this??