Lets Stop All the Hate

I am getting sick and tired of seeing Samsung getting shitted on in these forums. There are now 2 threads mentioning how Samsung is shitty and their design are shitty. My biggest problem with the tech community is that when something is not well liked it has to be brought up again, and again and again and again. I mean I get it! You don`t like Samsung, it does need to be mentioned 100 times a week. I am also concerned about why we can`t just be glad the S5 (the best Samsung Galaxy yet) is actually a decent overall device by all accounts it`s fast, stable, has good battery life, and a bunch of features. It`s not laggy like the S4 and it`s not "nature inspired" like the S3. It has a toned down touchwiz with good hardware to match.

So I implore the community to relax, take a walk got to the movies, go see some friends, if you are never going to buy a Samsung device that`s fine. No problem, but complaining about it all the time just makes you look like a whiner honestly and no before anyone insinuates I am a Samsung advocate or whatever bullshit. I am just tired of seeing hate threads taking up space on our nice GooglePlex forums. We need to do better than hate on OEM`s all the time if they aren`t making a Nexus or is Motorola. We all use and love Android right? Then there should not be a problem when there are other OEM`s that will put Android in more hands.