Is WP8.1 performing actrociously for anyone else?

I keep waiting for someone to raise the question, but no one does. Is it possible that I am the only one?

Admittedly, I only have a 520. I really was not expecting much. Even if they said 512MB RAM devices would not be getting 8.1, I would be OK with that. But that is not what people said officially or unofficially. The word was, my lowly 520 should have in many regards perform like a 920. But in reality, it's working like a huge pile od crap. I have never in my life been so annoyed by a gadget like this.

  • when I press home button, sometimes I have to suffer through the infamous "resuming" screen 5-15 seconds before it takes me to the start screen
  • apps, mostly FIRST PARTY, are crashing. Like, all the time. All of them, I think. Or they just fail to initialize.
  • IE11 has some weird error (I had a separate post about it) where it just stops loading pages, even though internet connection is stable and all the other apps work. I think it happens when I leave a wifi and it switches to 3G. At least I think that's the pattern.
  • actually, it's easier to say that EVERYTHING, absolutely everything is sooo slow. Messages, photos, contacts, me tile, scrolling on the homescreen, homescreen icon loading, everything.

Is it realistic to expect a firware update to solve this, or should I be looking at a way to just downgrade?

The weird thing is that I really love what they have done with 8.1. It's really great. If it was working.

Is anyone else experiencing these kinds of problems?