Favorite iPad mini Retina cases/covers?

I finally broke down and purchased a Switcheasy Coverbuddy:


via images.switcheasy.com

and an Apple SmartCover for my iPad mini Retina. I've been living with a cheap Moko case I picked up on day one and it's served me well enough, but it's starting to come apart, so I started shopping around again.

My main requirements were thin and light, with a screen cover that was easily and quickly removable. This basically left me with my choice of shells and a SmartCover, or the recently announced ZeroChroma Folio Slide:


via www.zerochroma.com

Although tempted by the ZeroChroma, it's not yet available, and the price is steep. I also didn't want another black case, which is why I ended up with the Coverbuddy/SmartCover combo. I considered other SmartCover compatible shells, but in the end the Coverbuddy appears to offer more coverage than most shells and the color match to the SmartCovers is said to be top notch. I've read some complaints about eventual cracks, but they are warrantied and the price is reasonable if I need to buy another.

I do wonder why no one seems to be interested in making a cheaper/better version of the Smart Cover. There are some eBay versions that I simply wouldn't trust, but no one seems interested in competing with Apple on this particular accessory. Maybe my wants/needs are unique, but I have to imagine others would like a lower cost version of what I ordered but made by a single manufacturer and bundled together. Can no one make a top notch SmartCover nock-off and pair it with a shell at a reasonable price?

So, did I overlook anything obvious? What are you guys using to cover up your Retina minis?