Quality vs Quantity - App Store/Google Play


I'm learning that I absolutely, 100% HATE the App Store design on iOS, and I completely love the google play store design. A brief history, I've spent well over $1,000 in google play (not just apps but movies and music and books also) and I've probably spend about $200 on iOS. Now to be honest I was on android much longer than iOS. I take having a ad less experience on any platform very seriously. I don't want to see ads anywhere on my device while in an app. I find it annoying. If I want to see ads I can turn on the TV, drive on the expressway, even just walk outside. There're everywhere so it's nice not to have them on my phone.

What I've noticed is that even tho the App Store is "Pretty" it is a terrible experience to find anything in there. You kinda have to know what you are looking for. App discovery is much better on Android. However Android does not have as many apps as iOS (not that anyone would notice) nor does it get apps on time. For instance (IFTTT). Lastly the design of Android apps take a bit long to catch up to the latest design guides vs the developers on iOS who race to redesign their apps to the latest. Actually some developers (who shall remain nameless) will update their apps on iOS and leave the Android version just sitting there for months with no update at all. I find this extremely petty.

Then there are apps like pocketcast which looks beautiful on both platforms. The App Store just sucks for not only discovery but even searching. But there is a section that says "Exclusive only on the App Store" or something to that effect. As usual with every platform there are trade offs.