My first Hackintosh. And why I did it.

Greetings Core,

I took a gigantic leap of faith and built my first "Hackintosh" this week. Does hearing the word make you feel the same stigma as hearing people talk about jailbreaking their iOS devices? To me it certainly did. Why would anyone do that? I guess my first jailbreak a few years back was when I crossed the line the first time so to say. I just wanted something so trivial I can't even remember what it was, but it was enough for me to risk bricking my iPod to get it. Afterwards, I didn't feel like I had hurt my device, and I didn't feel like I hurt Apple either...

Fast forward to now. Im just finishing my Hackintosh. A computer not made by Apple that runs OSX. And I'm sitting at a perfect balance of pride and guilt. Im an Apple fan right? I have their stickers on my car, I have some iPods, iPhone 5S, iPad Air, Apple TV, and a 2013 MacBook Air. I consider myself pretty loyal to the brand, but, I just kept feeling like Apple didn't have what I needed, or rather wanted, for a workstation. Combine that with my dying Xbox 360 this month and I have a perfectly capable laptop I love to death that can't play games and can't edit video very well. So there I am on Apples website looking for a non-laptop.

So FML. The Mac Mini hasn't been refreshed in about two years. The iMac, refresh aside, I really do need the faster processor and graphics, so I'm looking at the 27 incher, possibly the high end? Wow. And the Mac Pro is way out of my league. Something about the iMac just doesn't sit right with me, and I couldn't put my thumb on it. Why was I perfectly okay carrying an adapter for everything, and external stuff for my Laptop, but doing so on a desktop was sacrilege? I felt like a hypocrite. So I contemplated buying the 21 inch model, and buying a better processor for cheaper than apple will sell me with the rest of the "27 inch iMac kit" attached with it. Somehow the google search lead me to the Hackintosh process.

So I built it! I bought components apple supports in the previous Mac Pro. I looked up what wireless card work, what graphics cards work, etc. Upon contemplating all these components, it dawned on me why I didn't want the iMac. I wanted more than an iMac, but less than a Mac Pro. I want desktop graphics, but I don't need a Xeon. And that makes me, understandably, a niche market Apple neglected. So I bought parts and prayed to Zeus's beard it would all work out.

Setup was a pain. Running is a dream! Im happy. So here is what I built. I apologize for the pics looking so bad. I don't know if its Photobucket or something else.

(This is not a build a Mac Pro for cheaper post.)




Thanks for reading.