Microsoft Ecosystem

Is there anyone else who is completely dependent on the Microsoft ecosystem?

I have a custom PC running Windows 8.1, a Lumia 925 running Windows Phone 8.1 dev preview, and an Xbox one. I have a subscription to Office 365, Xbox Music, and extra OneDrive storage. I haven't met anyone else who is completely on this ecosystem, so I can't really ask them how it works for them.

For me?

It works fantastically.

Themes are synced, music I add on my PC is synced with my phone, essays I write with Office on the PC can be viewed and edited easily on my phone while riding the bus. My internet tabs are shared between devices... I realize that perhaps other companies are similar to this but honestly a full Microsoft experience works very well.

I've noticed as well that Microsoft is really the only one touting their ecosystem as a service for all - Apple has iTunes Radio and Google has things like Google Docs, but they make their apps solely for their platform. Microsoft has music and cloud storage apps for both iOS and Android... It's all very interesting.