Samsung Chromebook 2: first Chromebook to come with preinstalled apps.

AKA, that little thing called bloatware that we all love so much. Not sure if this has already been posted, but it's news to my ears.

The apps are:

  • Wunderlist - a collaborative to-do list
  • AirDroid Premium - a tool for managing your Android phone over a Wi-Fi network;
  • - a tool for learning the English language

Not too bad, all things considered (the third one seems a bit random, but anyway). However, it could be very well be a slippery slope. Here's hoping Google steps in before things get out of hand.

On a more optimistic note, I saw that the 13" version has a different ARM chip than the 11" version. Exynos 5800 vs Exynos 5420. Haven't heard much at all about the 5800, but I'm tipping it, and the full HD screen, are going to make for a much better buy in the 13" over the 11". I know people hate ARM Chromebooks regardless, but ah well.