Chromebook for a Casual Artist? [Note Added]

I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook for my friend's birthday. She uses this awful Windows 2000 laptop from way-too-long-ago and I want to toss that thing out of the window in favour of something more quick and portable.

The only problem is that she loves drawing and makes extra money doing commission work. She uses a Wacom Intuos pen and touch and I'd like to know if anyone has experience with using it or any similar products on a Chromebook (or if it's even possible).

There are other threads around but the more organised ones I've found were pretty old, so I thought I'd ask here before pulling the trigger on any of this. If anyone can suggest a way to use Skype for voice calling on a Chromebook, that would also be appreciated.

Finally, loading Linux onto the machine is not an option. My friend is not the type to wrestle with that sort of thing and the fewer adjustments she has to make in moving from Windows to ChromeOS the better.

NOTE: A lot of you are talking about forcing devices on people and talking about devices better for artists. I asked this question mainly to get at how well a Chromebook would fit into that part of her life, but that is ONLY 10% of what she needs a new notebook for. The same goes for Skype, it was an afterthought, she knows and frequently uses Google services and has said she does not mind switching. She is a casual tech user. She does tons of web browsing and word processing for her classes and work, that is 80% of what this notebook will be used for.

She WANTS a Chromebook or something cheap and reliable to get her through the Summer, that's all I'm trying to help with. She DOES NOT want a tablet of any kind, Surface, iPad, convertible, none of it. I know they can be cool, I've used all of the above, but SHE does not want one.

Other than that, thanks for the input so far and any other notes are appreciated.