Kairos Smartwatch: Amazing inspiration for the iWatch

I guess I've always been a watch enthusiast. When I was a kid I loved the digital Casio watches, in my teenage years I only bought fake Rolexes and now I just buy watches that I feel look unique and good.

Ever since Pebble released the Steel I wanted a smartwatch. I was ready to order one but then Motorola suddenly showed the world this picture:


It looks so beautiful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will support iOS :)
So obviously I didn't go through with the Pebble Steel, but I did want something that could give me at least a small part of the smartwatch experience right now, that wouldn't cost too much and that would still look good on my wrist. So I got the Cogito Classic:



So far I'm really liking it! No set-up, it just works. If someone calls it vibrates and shows the persons name, if you have an calendar alert it shows the calendar icon and the name of the event, when someone texts you, sends a Whatsapp, Facebook, or other message it shows a message icon and how many messages you got, etc. And it has a battery life of 1 year!

But now I of course want the full experience :) So...... a couple of hours ago a startup named Kairos showed their Swiss made smartwatch at Startup Asia 2014:



This looks great already as a regular watch. But watch what happens when you get a notification:



A snippet from TechInAsia.com:

"Onstage, Yang is giving the technicalities to the audience and the judges: there’s BlueTooth support, a battery that should give five to seven days of regular use as a smartwatch, and – the most remarkable bit – a 0.1mm thin TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode) display that’s clear but turns 60 percent opaque when a notification springs up."

How cool does that sound :) They are initially going to price it $499 for the first couple of months (accepting preorders from may 15th at Kairos Smartwaches) and later bringing it up to $1.100. It is planned to be released by the end of this year.

Nobody knows exactly what Apple is up to with their biometrics hires, I just really hope they will bring a real watch design like the Cogito, Moto 360 and this amazing Kairos. The TOLED sound like a perfect solution to minimize battery drain and giving the watch something unique by making a transparent display. If they can combine that with all the health items they seem to want to implement, I'll be a day one buyer :)

One last image:


Full article: Tech in Asia