How to have two people access to the same photos backupped by picasa to google+?


My parents share the same computer to manage photos they take on their dslr. So Ill have picasa autoupload those to google+. Im opting for google+ since its free and I believe for flickr you have to manually select the pictures to be uploaded using the flickr plugin. They are struggling with the basic usage of picasa as is so it has to be as simple and hands off as possible.

(They really liked iPhoto on my mac as it's so simple and easy but they're using a windows machine)

oh btw, those autouploaded pictures are private by default, right?

What I want to achieve is for both of them to have access to those pics on their android devices. Is it possible to have Mom log in into Dad's google+ (while keeping her own google account for everything else)?

And can you turn off that make your pics look awesome "feature"?

Or some other way to do the same (without setting the pics public for eveyrone to see)?