Is Microsoft being dishonest about the Surface 2's weight?

Sooo I bought a Surface 2 yesterday. I'm a pretty hefty Surface "fanboy", I own an original RT, a Pro, and now a Surface 2. I recently got a killer deal on the Surface Pro, so I decided to try it. Mainly for the better screen. Long story short, don't like it very much. Too heavy, pen is inaccurate near the screen edge or when held at an angle, C-state whining on battery, always hot, always low battery, speakers have bass, but not enough volume... As a tablet, it just isn't great - as an Ultrabook, it does fare better.

So when the opportunity arose to buy a Surface 2 for a good price (64 GB model for the price of the 32 GB model, plus a 15€ MS store certificate), I went for it. And my, oh my, is it a great tablet. The screen is on par with the Pro, speed is comparable as well... But it is thin. It has a great webcam. it lasts forever on battery (I've played with it for at least three or four hours since the first charge, and I am still above two thirds of charge). It doesn't get too hot. Micro SD is hidden under the kickstand. THE KICKSTAND! The two position adjust-ability is simply amazingly well done (I'm aware that Pro 2 models have this feature as well).

But something didn't feel right. I've owned the RT since November '12 or so, and I know it's weight from the tip of my fingers. It is in my muscle memory. This thing felt different from the first second I picked it up. Now, Microsoft says that there is just 4 g (~1/8th oz.) between the two. They claim 680 g (24 oz.) for the RT, 676 g (23.85 oz.) for the 2. So I put them on the scales. The RT tipped them exactly at the claimed weight. The 2? 644 g (22.75 oz.). 32g or over an ounce lighter than they claim it to be.

It may not sound like much - but the difference is obvious in your hand. It means that the Surface 2 has exactly the same density as the iPad air at 1.52 g/cm³. With the claimed weight, it would be 1.60 g/cm³. In terms of areal density, the Surface 2 is roughly 15% heavier than the Air (claimed weight: 20% heavier than the Air)

Now is your time to speak: Do you think - does Microsoft knowingly state a far too high weight for it's thin&light tablet, maybe in order to lessen the spec gap to the Surface Pro? Or do you think it's down to manufacturing tolerances? How heavy is your Surface 2?

I, personally, am not going to blame them for making my tablet lighter than they said it would be!