Exclusive: Microsoft to take on Apple in the health care market

The health market is red hot with rumours swirling of Apple, Google and Samsung all readying their own "quantified self" health solutions. Not to be left out Microsoft is also preparing for their own assault to try and secure themselves a part of the lucrative healthcare market pie.

Data first

Where other companies are focusing on leading with a specific health device, Microsoft have chosen to focus on a central repository for your information.

Sources suggest Microsoft's health care solution will aggregate information from both personal sources as well as professionals, storing data such as weight, exercise, diet, blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, lab results, immunization, operations and doctors appointments.

Third party integration

According to sources familiar with the matter Microsoft's health care solution will hit the ground running with support a large range of third parties.

Microsoft's health care solution will interface with over 140 apps from the likes of FitBit, the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association, with dedicated apps for Windows Phone, Windows and iOS.

Over 230 healthcare devices will be supported, ranging from blood glucose meters to weight scales, to blood pressure monitors, to health trackers such as the Fitbit.

Finally, Microsoft have created a robust API allowing for any number of third party apps and devices to integrate in the future...

Now hang on for a second...

OK... so I lied a little, this isn't an "exclusive" and there are no "sources". All I have done is describe HealthVault, Microsoft's healthcare solution that has been around since 2007.

If you haven't checked out HealthVault yet I suggest you do. It integrates very well with the Bing Health and Fitness app in Windows 8