Safari (OS X version), changes that need to be made

I have been trying to use Safari instead of Chrome, I literally get 4+ hours more if I use Safari which is lovely, but there are a few features that drive frustrate me completely.


The favicon should be located on each tab that is open, rather than in the omnibar, The favicon allows for a user to quickly span the images, and instantly know which site that tab is, having to read the title of each page, is not only time consuming, but actually can be redundant. For example: My Facebook profile name, has the tab title of :John Smith, now when I have my work webmail open, the tab title is: John Smith. Now depending if I want Facebook or the Outlook webmail, I have to guess which tab is correct. Having the favicon and the title, gives me two pieces of data allowing me to quickly make the right tab choice, improving my workflow


When you have too many tabs open, the tab size gets to a minimum, and instead of decreasing more, an arrow button appears and the tabs get listed, when working on my research, or web developing which i do on my spare time, I require many, many tabs to be open, this greatly reduces my workflow. The tab sizes need to be able to decrease to allow more tabs before the arrow appears.

This and the Favicons are my biggest complaint.

History/bookmarks Sync

The history and bookmarks need to be opened to other platforms. I understand Apple wants to lock it down to Safari only, forcing users to need an iPhone, workplace Mac, and Home Mac. But with the ease of installing other browsers (Chrome, FF) that allow this feature, it needs to be opened. Users that require this and use an Android phone or Windows work PC, instantly cannot use Safari.

Anchor(link) location

Before I click on a link on a forum, website, etc. (especially while web developing) it is useful to know what url I am being redirected to, Chrome displays it on the bottom of the page, Apple should really implement this, it is very useful (and allow the feature to be turned off for the people who don't want it)

I keep trying to learn to love Safari and use it exclusively, but these issues are really preventing me from being able to. I use an Android phone and the sync for Chrome makes it much more useful for me to use. These are not huge changes, and I hope Apple adds them for OSX 10.10