Just bought a Wii U - Am I the only one extremely happy with it?

I was walking to my local Mall and saw a package offer: Nintendo Wii U + Super Mario Wii U + a Geniune MotionPlus Nintendo Controller + Tekken Wii U for 345€ (I live in Barcelona, Catalonia).

Since my wife loves the Mario Saga I couldn't resist the temptation and I bought it. Even after all this mess about low sales or extremely powerful rivals (PS4 - Xbox One), or even the lack of a big game collection.

I have to say that the entire process of installing the console + creating a nintendo ID + updating was a total mess and a horrible process. Now, after everything was set up on my LG 60 inches 1080p plasma I have to say that we just spend hours and hours having fun! (We have a 7month old daughter so we don't really have too much time to play, and we are just casual players).

I have to say that the GamePad is honestly a bit disappointing, at the moment there is no game using it completely and I am not a big fan of having the same image cloned to that screen. The TV-Off option isn't really something I use either.

Today she bought the new Mario 3D Land, and is even funnier! We can now play together and the graphics are rich and the game totally do what a game is supposed to do, which is entertain!

I am desperate for Mario Kart 8 to come out (I've already reserved it on Amazon). I think we will have hours of fun racing and laughing.

Anyway, just wanted to share the experience and sorry for my English!