Could Microsoft Become More Apple-Like?

(Based on info from this post)

According to the above post, Microsoft is making a larger Surface Pro. It's clear Microsoft is taking the hardware market ver seriously, with Surface Tablets, possibly a laptop (The larger Surface Pro), and even phones. Microsoft has made its recent Nokia acquisition, further supporting the statement they re further delving into the hardware side of computers and phones.

This makes me think of one company in particular: Apple. Apple competes in the phone, tablet, and computer markets, and now Microsoft will be as well. I believe Microsoft may begin to look a bit like Apple.

Microsoft, much like Apple, could/ will supply premium PCs, phones, and tablets with vanilla software builds and no bloatware. I really like this strategy from Apple, and I am excited to see Microsoft taking it up as well. Only question is, how will Microsoft stack up against Apple in the hardware market?

iPhone = Upcoming Microsoft Lumia Phones

IPhone "C" (5C) = Upcoming Microsoft Lumia Phones

IPad Mini = Upcoming Surface Mini

IPad Air = Surface RT

MacBook Air = Surface Pro

MacBook Pro = Upcoming Larger Surface

The only thinbg missing here is the iMac and the Mac Pro, and I hope Microsoft will soon roll out a competing device there as well.