Switched to iPhone 5s from "Google+" phone (updated)

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Rant ahead

I am sick of Google pushing Google+ all over the place , I also don't want to deal with the fact that 4.4 limited the SD-card functionality.

I am also sick of Android lag........un-optimized apps.........subpar offerings really.....(an example here , its not about games lag but lags during scrolling in apps or web browsing lag etc.)

WP8 imo offered even more screen fps and smoothnes than iOS but its highly limited imo. (already tried it and it was disaster experience)

I will much rather deal with Safari , Apple Maps and Apple services than using stupid Google+ in everything (even they pushed it to games ,calling it "google play games" , I rather deal with gamecenter or facebook)

Samsung browser is much better than Chrome and Safari browser and also smoother than laggy chrome (air gesture can change tabs , "reader" mode is available in night mode as well as day mode (similar to ibooks) , a full fledged browser imo).

Anyone who wants to recommend me Nexus 5 or other devices :

I also don't want stupid virtual buttons, I want physical home button (like my GS4).........because it feels solid.

Its pretty much same with other Android devices regarding google+

Well , some of you may be thinking "if he dislikes lag , why go for android ?" , The thing is I consider lag as a trade-off for features and opennes of Android (Infact Google now wants Android OEM's want to display "powered by android" etc. or limiting SD-cards in 4.4 etc.)

I don't want Google's apps , google this , google that etc. I want youtube , maps and google now (ironically it eats up most battery life than touchwiz , I always had so many troubles with google play services eating up battery life , I never had trouble with touchwiz , Infact it gives more battery life than stock Android).

(edit 2 :
(Just a proof of this is GSMArena conducted battery life test :
GS4 GPE - 63 hours endurance
Touchwiz GS4 - 69 hours endurance

Both devices have same processor and same RAM etc. unlike Exynos Vs Qualcomm variants))

I got a wonderful advice when I rant in Googleplex "If you don't like g+ , then don't use it" , So , I now have such opportunity to do so....

or something like "Google+ is better than facebook" etc. Well , facebook is completely voluntary while google+ is something like this

I do dislike things in iOS but I am using iOS from past 4 yeas even till-date (I am ok with iOS limitations but Android limitations are trade-off for openness)

iOS has limitations like not having ability to set default apps , lack of multiwindow (iPad) , lack of external storage support etc. (general findings) , Also I use music widget mainly which I think may not be a problem because lockscreen is there.

I rather deal with all those limitations (and yes even smaller iPhone screen) than dealing with Google trying to force on everything.....Apple offerings are much better imo....in overall package (refer this)

(Yes , I can also deal with Camera's lack of 4k recording or lack of wifi ac because I don't want a crappy phone sitting over my face forcing me to use something I don't like or luring me into using it for sake of other services)

I have iPod Touch 4th gen , iPad 3 (iOS 7.0 was terrible in Apple's standards because of inconsistencies but 7.1.x made it so much better)


Edit :

Which color is good ? I am leaning towards black/grey but wondering about silver/white.

Also, Is it worth getting 5s right now ?


Edit 2 :

Got an iPhone 5s silver 32GB , I bought silver because I used always black devices till now , Just wanted change...

I initially wanted grey but in store I liked Silver better...