A few UI tweaks Apple could realistically add to iOS

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a few weeks but with WWDC just round the corner I thought I might as well do it today. This post is about a few things on my mind that I'd like to see Apple realistically add to iOS at some point - hopefully 8. The usual additions that people seem to go on about are features like a file browser, widgets, default app selection, etc. are things that I feel are 'un-Apple-like', but the things I've selected below are small, minor UI tweaks which I think are both better looking than what we currently have and not too much to ask in terms of Apple adding it to iOS. These are all jailbreak tweaks I'm current using...


I prefer the iOS 7 icons over the old batch but I prefer 'ayecon' by @Surenix over the stock icons. The icons are subtly more detailed and are much better looking IMO. Sadly, I doubt such a big change will happen soon - especially so soon after releasing this new set of icons, but hopefully Apple do gradually make some adjustments to some icons that are a little too flat looking.

Veetfaw_medium Apece7o_medium

Lock Screen Music

This is something I didn't realise annoyed me until I installed 'Spectral' by @b3ll. Currently, the background behind the cover art is your usual lock screen but blurred. This results in some awful colour clashes with different cover arts. The tweak does what Rdio does (maybe Spotify, etc. also?) and blurs the cover art and makes that the background - a lot better looking IMO.

3ovlytx_medium Yqvu4it_medium

Volume HUD

I FUCKING HATE THIS THING. It's too big and stays on-screen for too long. 'StatusHUD 2' by @tweakcc does as you see below. Far less intrusive and annoying when playing games.

Wlszown_medium 3qorn3p_medium

Message Quick Reply

Another tweak by @surenix - 'auki'. Excellent 'Apple-like' implementation. Couldn't bothered sending myself messages and recording my screen then making a .gif, etc, etc.

Anyone else with things they think Apple could add to iOS? Keeping in mind their philosophy...