Why is Xbox Integration Not Implemented Better?

I think Windows Phone has an amazing killer feature which is Xbox Integration. I know some arcade games that can played on your Xbox and Windows Phone have achievements. I think Microsoft has to work on getting more 3D games that work on Xbox and Windows Phone. (I think Halo:Spartan Assault is the only one).

I also think that if you have Windows Phone you get Xbox Live Gold free. That would make me throw money. I hate paying $10 a month for it. Or at the very least you should get a discount.

For the first part they are getting there with Universal Apps. But Windows Phone needs more universal games as well, as they have Xbox Integration which no other platform has and they should leverage it. No other platform can have any sort of parity with a consoles (well Sony could do it with their phones but don't for some reason).

Microsoft should also make sure that apps that are companion to games on Xbox 360/One should be out on Windows Phone the same day as Android and iOS. For example, has UbiSoft even confirmed a WatchDogs app for WP? (just checked they don't even have one planned). Companion apps to Xbox games should be a priority.

Window Phone already has a killer feature in Xbox and it's services (Music and Video), but it needs to be implemented better so it can market towards gamers who own Xbox consoles. There are millions of gamers with Xbox consoles who don't even use Windows Phone, imagine making a push for them to buy Windows Phone, I think that may move a few million phones easy, have a marketing blitz showing how your phone can be your mobile Xbox companion the same music, videos and games can be had on your smartphone. I think it's a cool idea, but what do you guys think?