"Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is the Best Everything Device Ever Made"

There have been many reviews ranging on all sides of the scale. However I find these two significant because it addresses its flaws, but also highlights something very important that I believe people are still somewhat unaware of, even by those who sing the praises of the SP3: It may not be the best tablet, or the best laptop, but it's definitely the best computing hybrid device we've seen thus far. Possibly making strides to redefine the "laptop" in the process.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is the Best Everything Device Ever Made

Microsoft says the Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that can replace your laptop. They could have added, "Really! We mean it this time," since that was pretty much the promise of the first two Surface Pro models, too.

Can it? Yes. Will you want it to? Only if you don't use your laptop as, you know, an actual laptop most of the time. Because even though the Surface Pro 3 can simulate a laptop extremely well, it's still a simulation. A well-crafted notebook computer with chiclet keys will provide a better experience, every time.

A better typing experience, that is. For watching videos, whipping through photos, or just being book bag-friendly, this gadget runs circles around any laptop. I don't know if a single machine will ever satisfy all our digital needs, but when it comes to device unity, the Surface Pro 3 is simply the best product ever made.


It's worth reiterating the point that the Surface Pro 3 is not only Microsoft's most striking and versatile device to date, but the most convincing poster child for the hybrid category yet. And this ringing endorsement comes from a long-time skeptic of such devices.

That said, the Pro 3 is hamstrung by flaws that cannot be ignored. Namely, the battery life might be in line with most Ultrabooks, but it doesn't come close to what Apple's leading laptop and top tablet have shown. And the Type Cover being billed as an accessory doesn't help Microsoft's cause in the slightest – it's quite pricey to boot.

At any rate, this version of the tablet comes in cheaper than the most affordable iPad Air and 13-inch MacBook Air combined, even with the Type Cover, and that's the point. On paper, this slate is more powerful than either Apple device, not to mention most other comparably priced laptops and tablets. The Surface Pro 3 might not be perfect, but it's far and wide the brightest shining example of a potential tablet takeover.