The Ultimate Future of the EU Ruling: The New Content ID

The EU ruling calls for censoring of "irrelevant" or "outdated" material regardless of its factual accuracy, which creates a very subjective standard. Google has promised a case by case review system.

Now let's think back to when a similar system existed with Youtube and the DMCA. After a huge Viacom lawsuit that dragged on and drained resources, Content ID essentially automates it and almost always sides with the requestor.

Let's not believe for even a moment that criminals and politicians who don't get their results removed will just give up. No, they'll go to court and drag on multiple lawsuits and drain resources until they get their results removed. And since it's not just a company we're talking about, politicians have all sorts of political pressure mechanisms to get courts or companies to do their bidding. Maybe the Chair of the Budget Committee can "encourage" a court to rule in its favor with its funding on the line, or the Judiciary Committee head could change the jurisdiction of the courts to one where his/her friend is the judge. The Prime Minister of the UK or the German Chancellor could coincidentally start focusing all their tax evasion enforcement efforts on Google and harass it and force it to open all its books, maybe start levying a bunch of fines that have to be challenged in court to resolve.

Eventually, with all the court battles and "pressure" Google will have to throw its hands up like it did with Youtube and start automating these requests. Then we'll really have a censored internet that auto removes search results every time a criminal or politician finds some information "irrelevant" (what does cheating on my wife have to do with me asks Newt Gingrich) or "outdated" (so what if the bank foreclosed on me 10 years ago? You can trust me with your money says Jose). In a world where factual information can be suppressed for being inconvenient, there is no freedom of information.

Some of the first people to request removals are a pedophile and a politician. Will they give up just because Google says no once? We'll see.

Welcome to the new Content ID, the "Fact" ID.