Where is the mazda 3 of the chromebook world?

For YEARS, car manufacturers in the US had relegated the compact car segment to gutter tier as far as design went. The corolla, for a DECADE, looked like a pure transportation toaster. Designed to get you from A to B safely. And what did toyota say to people asking for a compact car with more style and design attention? #$%^ you, get lexus or deal with your neo pinto. (for people who liked the look of the following toaster and thought it was stylish... I need you to open your eyes and compare it to what mazda released for 2014)


via ownersmanualblog.com


via images.thecarconnection.com

See a difference there? Looks as good as many audis (at least on the outside), for a fraction of the price. It definitely costs more than a corolla, but it looks a THOUSAND times better.

This is what is missing from the chromebook market. That market has yet to find its mazda 3, everything makes deal breaking compromises.

The chromebook 11 from hp has a nice looking display and decent design aesthetics, but has lower battery life.

The acer chromebook has better battery life, but also throws in a garbage display. The 11" samsung has the best design of all of them, but that display and battery life is subpar.

NONE of them are performance champs, though they have enough for browsing, video watching and general web based activity.

We are still waiting for the 2014 mazda 3 equivalent in this space. Great display, great battery life, great design, at the cost of the raw performance you'd get in a full priced notebook. It would and should cost more than the rest of the pack, like the mazda 3 does, but that is OK.

The current slate of chromebooks asks everyone to make some pretty ugly sacrifices, EVEN if you chose to drop more money on the Pixel, you get garbage battery life, defeating the entire purpose of this kind of device.