Microsoft Operating System: Thinking about Windows on ARM

We all know that Microsoft's Operating System Group (OSG) is planning on creating an OS based on Windows RT and Windows Phone. We expect it will be revealed around this time next year. The one question I think everyone (especially me) has is what will this new OS look like and what will it be called,

Now many of us have debated whether the future of Windows on ARM would look like the phone or the Surface RT. Many have argued it'll look like the phone which has seen growth. Personally I would argue that neither Windows Phone or RT is a perfect catch all for the device types I think Microsoft will push.

I think with a new OS, Microsoft will take the time (hopefully) to update Metro to meet the following scenarios: Tablets, phones, and appliance like laptops. I imagine this new OS will build on the current strengths of WinPhone and RT but also add things that weren't there when either launched. Maybe it means more integration with Cortana (A developer that worked on Cortana said that it will work on WinRT; also the same technology is being used by the Office team) or maybe new multitasking.

Whatever happens I think this new OS will change the behavior and look of Windows phones and tablets.

I mean imagine the search icon replaced by the Cortana circles, if there is the classic Windows Phone's icons at all. What happens when there is no desktop on an RT device like the Surface? Will we see a mature form of app switching taken from Windows Phone replace it?

Now the other question I have is what will this new ARM based Windows be called. Obviously it won't be called Windows RT; that name is tainted. But I also think it won't be named Windows Phone or even Windows Mobile because this OS goes beyond the phone.

As the title of this post suggest, I argue the name should be MOS. The name is a bit of a play on both the various names used to describe apps built using the WinRT runtime (Metro 4EVA) and also on MS-DOS. So the M can stand for Metro, Modern, or Microsoft. In my head the O is actually the Cortana UI symbolizing the importance of Cortana as part of the OS traversing the Phone and tablets.

So that's my idea for Windows on ARM what's yours.