Are these boring iPhone renders turning you away from thinking about iPhone6?

Oflate there have been thousands of renders of iPhone 6 looks and all of them have one thing in common: They all look really bad.

I don't understand why is Apple trying to increase the height of iPhone, when it should actually be trying to make it wider for helping people with fat fingers to type faster.

Nevertheless, the side bezels have grown bigger in size with iPhone 6, where as the top & Bottom bezels have remained the same. The increase in side bezels now make the iPhone look like a cheap chinese phone.

Never in the past, I have been more disappointed with the Looks of iPhone renders than iPhone 6. I just hope Apple understands that we need sightly wider phone and not a taller phone. iPhone 5 was made taller than iPhone 4S without an increase in width. I think making iPhone 6 even taller without any increase in width will make it look really really bad.