Sharp's Aquos Q+ vs LG's 4k Tv

Hi guys! I am in the market for a new TV, and have been looking and comparing two sets, Sharp's AQUOS Q+ Series 60" (LC-60UQ17U) or LG's 55" 4K Ultra HD TV (55UB8500). I will be using the set for PS4 gaming, streaming and Blu-Ray movies.

Basically, what I like the most about the LG model is the fact that it has a IPS panel and I am hopping that would a better overall picture (I don't care much about the 4K features, I just want my colors and dark levels to be near perfect). I don't like the fact that its refresh rate is 120Hz vs Sharp's 240. The fact that the Sharp is THX certified is very tempting too as the process is very throughout. Will I notice a size difference between 55 and 60 inches?

As you can see, I am rather troubled. Hopefully someone in the community will be able to help me decide :-). I am attaching the links to the two tvs.

Thanks in advance!