Developers should charge for updates once a few years.

The recent news that SwiftKey has gone freemium is not good at all as far as I am concerned. The problem is very simple for the developer, everyone who wanted to buy the app on Android has already bought it so future revenue stream looked bleak.

My question is why not charge for an update? Those who had bought the app recently would get the update for free and other's would need to pay up.

I mean $5 really isn't enough money to keep giving free service forever. Heck look at some PC software they charge you in 3 figures at times and yet 2 years later the next version is not free.

I have been using Nova Launcher Prime for I dunno how many years now and I would be totally okay if the dev charges for an update. Heck I want him to charge so he can continue to be fully motivated in developing it further.

The whole freemium model is just gonna ruin everything. I know I know not every implementation of freemium sucks but most do in my opinion.