Taking the plunge, ps4 or xbox one ?

I've been a long time pc gamers, ever since that fateful Ceasar II in 1995 on my dear PackardBell (Oh memories !).

However aside from the occasional PS1 or GameCube party back when I was in high school (yep I was one of those guys back then), I've never owned or really played on a console. Being mainly a RTS/FPS/RPG (especially the later) player it wasn't really an issue, as most of the best games in the genre were also if not exclusively on PC.

However in the recent years it seems that the PC isn't getting much love from the games studios, and more and more fps/rpg, especially high quality story driven ones (my genre of predilection) are becoming console exclusive.

Lately, Destiny, the remastered Halo, The last of US, etc. make me want to take the plunge, and buy my first console.

I understand that the PS4 is more powerful on paper, but the game released until now don't exhibit stark differences (especially compared to pc). And I do have a preference (without much experience) for the xbox one controller and UI (I'm quite enamoured with Microsoft new design philosophy). I’m also intrigued by the Kinect and by Microsoft ecosystem.

And finally, I do love the ps4 aesthetics (on the hardware side) compared to Microsoft bulky black square; but I read that the ps4 runs a lot hotter and a lot louder than the xbox. Those two last factor aren't negligible given the size of my apartment, and especially with the amount of money I putted in making my pc near silent :).

So here we are :

  • Would you recommend buying a console now ? Or do you think that it isn't a necessity when I already have a 2k gaming pc ?
  • If yes, which one would you recommend and why ?

Thanks in advance guys :)

Ps: I don’t really care for the price differences.

Edit: Thanks all for the lengthy and interesting responses. As per your counsel, I think I may orient myself toward a PS4, but I will most likely wait until at least the holiday season and see if any interesting bundle come out.

Thanks again for your help guys :)