Lightweight Color Managed Picture Viewer for Windows?

So I find that whenever I export JPEGs from Lightroom and look at them in Windows Explorer with the Windows Photo Viewer, the images always look totally wrong. They are typically a lot darker, which makes me wonder if I have my exposure values totally wrong. However, when I view those same JPEGs in Photoshop, or even Internet Explorer or Chrome, they look as they should based on the RAW preview in Lightroom.

So it's pretty clear that I've outgrown the usefulness of the Windows Photo Viewer. I'm guessing the reason that this is happening is maybe because Windows Photo Viewer is not color managed, so it's not using the correct sRGB profile? Which is surprising, given that that is the Windows default color profile. Does anyone else know why I might be getting this problem?

I'm guessing the easiest solution is just to go for a color-managed preview viewer for Explorer. Does anyone have suggestions for a lightweight, color-managed preview viewer? I really don't need anything with a lot of functionality, since I would just use Photoshop or Lightroom for that. I just want an accurate preview.