Possible Chrome OS related reveals for I/O 2014?

Considering how mum google has a history of being regarding these types of things, what are the possibilities we see a major update to Chrome OS? I have my mind fully made up I'd like to jump in to the environment with one of these machines, however would hate to before I see what happens at I/O. I have no problem paying a premium for a well built machine, and the Pixel is what I have my eyes on. I just cant get passed the less than stellar battery life. What are the odds we see some sort of refresh? With possibly a Haswell CPU?

I am really intrigued by the OS, as it would suffice for my day to day operations. Just wondering what this community sees coming for the platform this I/O, if anything at all. Heres to me hoping for some type of update to the Chrome OS, and a serious refresh in Pixel hardware.