iPhone 5s: Its a nice phone and that's okay.

People are in an outrage about this.

Just put your prejudice aside and acknowledge that its true. This year alone, Android has yet to produce a single device that we can all collectively agree is best.

HTC One m8: Bad camera. Too tall. Somewhat weak battery life.

S5: Bad build materials. TouchWiz still a bit bloated.

Weather you agree with this is subjective, just as picking the iPhone as the best is. Also, remember that the only people who will care or even see this article will be us who visit these websites.

Honestly though, I almost agree with this. Outside of its screen size, it has the least amount of faults of any device. And it excels in certain key areas.

For that matter, many of us would love to have an iPhone running Android if the screen was just a bit bigger.


Accept that the iPhone was picked as best overall. Just look at who penned the article... ;-)