Microsoft Aims for Smartphones That Run for a Week

Microsoft aiming for a week of battery life

A very interesting read about microsoft research's work on improving battery life. according to Ranveer Chandra of Microsoft Research, microsoft is looking to implement certain methods to save battery life and extend it.

One of the methods is using two small Lithium-Ion batteries instead of one large one. one of them will will be optimized to efficiently provide a large supply of current while the other one is designed to trickle out smaller currents.

While the above method uses hardware to improve battery life, the other method involves using software. A prototype knows as E-Loupe which would allow the operating system to track apps that use large amounts of battery power even when the person is not using the app and slow down the process or pause it to improve battery life.

Pretty good ideas but will microsoft bring it to the market soon? That is what am concerned about. I love using microsoft products but i wish they would bring their ideas to the market sooner.

Do read the article and let me know what you guys think