So basically there won't be any regularly scheduled Verge video content now?

Now that 90 Seconds on The Verge is ending,

And there's no vergecast, mobile show, or OTV anymore...

is this truly the end of "the old verge"? I miss the verge from 2011-2012. I really, really do. I miss Josh's articles and reviews. I miss Nilay's rants. I miss Paul's... Paul-ness. I used to love this place. I used to love the commenters. But I think The Verge is a victim of its own success. The resurrection of TIMN wasn't at all what I was hoping... I hoped it was a catering to the technorati - but it turned out to be another lowest-common-denominator feature.

I can't even get into my old, openID account (dnyank1), thanks to the login glitches... so I had to make another one.

I know there's been a million threads exactly like this... But I just wanted to share my feelings.

Thanks all.