WWDC announcements: Because of timing or new leadership?

Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie has an article up called Timing. Basically his premise (and others I've heard) is that everything Apple announced at WWDC was the result of Apple taking the time to get it right. To be honest, that comes across to me like making excuses for why Apple is playing catch up in the mobile OS space. I guess I have a hard time believing Apple needed 7 years to get us things like actionable notifications and quick toggles. And if Steve Jobs were alive right now I'm not sure we'd be getting 3rd party keyboards either.

It seems to me that we're finally seeing Tim Cook's Apple. We're finally seeing the fruits of his 2012 re-org which was all about collaboration. Now instead of OSX and iOS competing with each other we have one leader running both. I think this WWDC showed what a brilliant move that was by Cook. What do others here think?