iPhone 5s the best smartphone money can buy? Stop staring at it like a gold watch or beautiful diamond rng

Ok i have a few problems with this phone; first of all its limitations. iOS keeps you from loading your own videos and music if it isn't in apple approved formats. You must use the media player they say etc etc and you have to use iTunes as well. iTunes is one of the most horrible pieces of software I've ever used for transferring media to a device. also, the OS itself is dated, no widgets and older and older Android services making it on to the device later on. One of the main reasons there was to use an iPhone, was to be the most up to date, but with how bad the basic services like Maps are why would you choose it.

Secondly, you buy a beautiful 700 dollar phone (700 US$ is a lot of money)... I'm sure you are going to put it in a case so the beautiful goes away right there.

Thirdly you look at your phone in america and you wonder why the world isn't using this. It is because for reasons i cannot fathom, apps are severely limited aaannnyywhere else in the world and this app library disappears if you cannot produce a US based Credit Card.

With a cheap android phone i can get my media as i like it, my widgets if i so desire, I can get directions free of change in almost any country in the world, i can keep it out of a case if i like the way it looks because its not the same price as rent and bills together, and i can do all of this anywhere in the world with only a small amount of tech knowledge. the iPhone is not what it was and even though android makers can't machine a piece of glass into a beautiful piece of art, technology, which is what a phone is, is supposed to push TECHnical boundaries not simply look nice.it has to be useful to all, not just the most affluent of the world and iPhones just aren't that anymore. they seem to me to be a status symbol like Gold or Diamonds, things that are both desirable and beautiful but of very little use to the world as a whole