Verge Newsletter Fail.

So for some reason I feel like the original post on the verge newsletter was that it was going to be once a week, every Monday, and it was going to curate the best of the last week. I was actually kinda excited, except I wish it was delivered on Saturday morning so I could actually spend the weekend reading the articles. I spend my entire day 9 to 5 on a PC working and have little time for casual surf breaks, so when I do I am all headlines to get the most content. And during the week when I get home at night the last thing I want to do is sit at my computer. If the newsletter takes the best articles of the week by the editors, and assuming they are the larger articles that get written, it might be useful.

For example there are usually 10 articles out of the apple events that are short "new feature x....developing" articles, but then at the end of the day there is a nice longform that sums it all up and even has some videos in it of staffers showing off the features, and 60 minute presentation in 5 minutes cut up video. Great.

Not what I expected... The email starts off great, with the mother of apple articles as the main post. Great. Then


And then I get served a TV show review, and a glorified twitter post on some Star Wars spoilers...

The Arizona Radar Army post should of been there, and The Elon Musk Spaceship, Google Satellites, and Fear marketing posts should of been put more in the spotlight.

Thats my rant. Now that it seems like the newsletter is daily I am definitely all set though.