Bias aside, why do people still hate the iPhone 5s when it's awesome?

Putting aside fanboyism, why do people really hate the iPhone 5s? It's a great phone and here's my reasons why I think it's good.

  • Design & Build Quality

The iPhone has a great design and build quality. It's crafted from premium feeling materials, solidly put together with imperceptible seams compared to a lot of other phones. It is only 7.6mm thin yet it has to pack a class leading camera, battery, processor, display and logic board all into a package that is not only thinner, but volumetrically smaller than the iPhone 4S.
A lot of people hate on the bezels as well but like I said, the iPhone 5S is smaller in almost every way compared to the 4S, yet it has to pack all that innovation in to the small chassis. The solutions people provide are stupid as well. You typically have these...
  1. Minimize the bezels to the bare minimum
    That's great, you now have a 4 inch screen with a bottom bezel and a drastically reduced top bezel. That isn't ideal for landscape and it is ugly.
  2. Who needs the home button, we need gestures in iOS so lets remove all the bezels!
    Control centre, TouchID, tactile is superior to capacitative/onscreen in iOS, need I say more? Also you'd be holding a 4 inch screen literally. You can get away with just holding screen on a 5.5 inch device, but on a 4 inch device, it is just small and awkward to use.
  3. Just slightly reduce the top bezel!
    Does it really bother you that much? I would rather they drastically reduce the top bezel, instead of just slightly reducing the top bezel and ending up like the Nexus 5 with its slightly larger bottom bezel. What's the point... might as well just make the top just as big, or the bottom just as small or centre the damn fucking screen!!!


    Someone please tell me, what is the point of having a bigger bottom bezel and a smaller top bezel on the Nexus 5? If you're going to shrink the top bezel, damn it just go all the way, because the Nexus 5 looks like the designers were too lazy to centre the screen.

The iPhone 5S has a great camera as well. In fact, months after the release of newer Android flagships such as the S5 and the M8, the iPhone can still occasionally crush the competition. Oh and it's been 8MP for the past three years. HTC failed and went too far in the search of larger pixels and gave up too much spatial resolution. Samsung has done pretty well and the camera on the S5 performs just as good as the iPhone and sometimes better, but sometimes worse as well. Shame considering it was released so many months later.
Apple has consistently delivered standard setting cameras on mobile devices for the past 4 years and people love this. They can be the worst photographer ever but the picture will still come out clear and sharp (for the most part) on Facebook or Instagram which is pleasing to my eyes. What's not to love about the camera? True tone flash is also another great feature that many companies are copying now as well like HTC.
  • TouchID
Nothing rivals TouchID right now, it's the bomb. Blows everything away. I guess the S5 or One Max could be good.... nah who am I kidding.
  • Services
From the moment you set up your iPhone, you're presented with great Apple services such as...
  1. iCloud
    Having been with Android for around 2 years after I sold my broken iPhone 4S, coming back to the 5S was a great experience because I logged onto iCloud and all my content just came back, and it was like my 4S just turned into an iPhone 5S because it was that easy. (I sound like an Apple keynote speaker now, I'll try to stop.)

  2. Activation Lock
    Not that I plan on losing my iPhone any time soon, but if I did I'd be less worried than if I had an Android device. There simply is nothing that matches this on Android. It is so easy to wipe an Android device, especially if you use Samsung, HTC or Sony's software to just reinstall the original software that came with the device. Aside from security issues recently with Activation lock, I'd say it's one of the best features of iOS.

  3. App Store
    Aside from the limitations of iOS, the apps are typically better than their Android counterparts. Why? Sometimes developers experiment and when they do, it's on iOS. I mean really, how often do you see Android apps praised on their interfaces that haven't already been released on iOS? Solar is a great example. It doesn't follow the design of many iOS apps yet it feels like it's just at home and it's intuitive and simple to use. The developers implemented some cool ways to navigate and interact with the app on a level that you just wouldn't see as often on Android.

    Take a look at Paper as well, I've never seen anything like it before. It's years ahead of the current Facebook app and navigating it is so natural and fluid, and the use of cards everywhere and swipe down gestures is just brilliant. Yet, once again you wouldn't really find something like this on Android...

  • Integration & Cohesiveness
Now, this may seem like I'm talking about Continuity, but I'm not. What I love about iOS is how iOS apps have such a deep level of integration. As shown in the keynote for iOS 8, the Calendar app (a native iOS app) is able to intelligently offer an option to set up a calendar entry in Calendar (another native iOS app) and you never had to open Calendar. All the iOS apps also look the same and behave in the same predictable way, yet they all look unique. Not something I can say about Google's apps...
  • Spotlight
It is awesome. I don't need to say any more.
  • Animations
I know a lot of you really hate iOS 7's slow animations, and I do too. I wish they'd speed it up. However, having used Android, there's just something about it that bugs me. Fade ins, swipes, gestures, whenever anything transitions on Android I feel as if it's lacking something. When I swipe back and forth in Notification Centre on iOS, it just feels right. I feels as if it's responding immediately and it does it in an effortless and smooth manner. I hope some of you out there can explain Android's animation framework vs iOS.

So far, all these reasons above are what makes me think the iPhone is the best overall device. Sure, the screen isn't as big as some like, but my fingers extend 3 inches past the iPhone when it's against the base of my palm, and my big hands manage to use it and type extremely fast just fine. It's just one of the least compromise phones you have these days, and with Apple's track record of delivering great things in small packages, who can deny that it isn't?
The M8 and S5 all have their compromises and dare I say they are worse than the iPhone's.

  1. With the M8 you're stuck with two huge speakers that frankly, I see very little use case scenarios for. What will you use it for? In public to annoy everyone? At home where you probably have headphones? Or that rare moment when you're with someone or yourself in a private area where there happens to be no headphones? It's not worth the gigantic bezels for a phone with a screen size of 5 inches and making it monstrously tall. It has a sub par camera that occasionally captures good photos in dim lighting but aside from that, every other flagship camera blows it away. The duo camera is kinda pointless especially when Google's Lens Blur feature out shines it.

  2. I'm not going to beat around the bush, the Galaxy S5 is an ugly piece of shit, and if you say design is subjective then I will say, a supermodel and a 500 pound fat woman can both be "good looking" but let's be real here... TouchWiz is garbage. The HTC One X ran smoother and faster than the S4 on their respective software skins. The lag and stutter on the S5? Absolutely unacceptable. Oh and unlocking your bootloader and rooting your phone to install a custom ROM and kernel? When you even mention that, the product as a whole is already a failure. Not to mention voiding your warranty and bricking your phone.
    "Follow instructions and you won't brick your phone! Common sense!"
    Yeah? Well common sense isn't so common these days.
    Also, if Samsung had been smart enough to reduce the massive size of their camera bump and put the flash right beside the lens, they wouldn't have to waste precious space on a shitty heartbeat sensor. Let's not even talk about the fingerprint scanner....

Is there any reason why you don't think that the iPhone is the best phone for the average consumer out there?