What do you mean my phone isn't the best, Pierce?!

Yes, another thread about that feature.

Why do we need to have the phone that we own (or runs our favorite OS) declared "the best"? Do people derive some sort of perverse pleasure from knowing that they own what a completely different person decided is "the best"?

I mean, my main device is a Nexus 4. I know that this device is not "the best": the screen has washed-out colors, the speaker volume is pathetic, the camera is so-so, the battery life (at least according to benchmarks - I think it's perfectly servicable) is sub-par and the glass back is just asking to be broken. But you can pry it from my cold, dead hands, motherfucker! :D

The reason is, of course, stock Android. I love the unadulterated OS and the quick updates. I also have some killer apps on there that I wouldn't like to give up by going to another platform since there are no counterparts for those apps on other platforms (just an example: since I started using Link Bubble, any other form of mobile browsing seems positively archaic). And say what you want about homescreen widgets but I can't give them up.

Anyway: what phone is "the best" is definitely up to the person using them, their preferences and their use patterns. Don't get so upset simply because David Pierce prefers the iPhone over your precious. It simply makes no difference to you and your life.

Cheer up, guys.