Cortana & World Cup 2014

It has been mentioned in some other thead, but i'm almost certain that many aren't aware:

Cortana can track scores of your favourite country, if it's participating in the World Cup 2014 (which starts today).
To do so you can either use the Bing Sports app and add your country as a team to follow, cortana will sync with the app, just like she now does with the Bing News app.
If you are not using the Bing Sports app, you can go into Cortana's notebook, tap on interests, add a sports category, search for the country you want to be updated about, it'll show as "Country / World Cup 2014)", add. Now Cortana will keep you updated about the next game and the current score, just like she always did with most american sports and some european high profile football teams.


Are you following your country during the World Cup 2014? Do you like the integration?
I for one would like to see some general schedule showing all the games in cortana. But I guess this could end up being a bit too much. For that one should just use the Bing Sports app. You can even pin your favourite country to the start screen.