Last shred of journalistic integrity has been sold

I was sitting here wondering to myself.... Why would the Verge do "This is My Next" and place amazon links all over the place? It's kind of inflammatory to pick just one smart phone to be the "Best" overall and go on to actually suggest that you should buy that particular phone over other phones. You would expect a break down of multiple phones with strengths and weaknesses right?

Well that's not how you would set up this new "article" if you plan on making referral fees off of the Amazon clicks from within the web page! This is horribly shameful and I think shows the direction that this publication is heading.

TheVerge used to be this cool new site which appeared objective and was promising to do tech journalism differently. With this new addition I'm not sure if they are just recommending expensive products just to get referral fees! All reviews going forward, in my opinion, are now tainted.

To back this claim up I present exhibit A:


And exhibit B.

As you can see in the fine print of exhibit B, the Verge can make up to a 4.00% advertising fee for fixed advertising!

I hope the Verge doesn't just delete this post and will explain to us what is actually happening here....