Rumoured Premium Galaxy F Pictured Next To Galaxy S5

So while Samsung still denies the existence of this, this pic would seem to show at least that some sort of premium (ok take that word with a pinch of salt) model is in the pipeline. Although some rumours also point to it being South Korea only.

Anyway supposedly it has metal (or LG style "metal") construction, and a qhd screen (5.2 or 5.3in) that you can see is bigger than that of the S5 despite the phone appearing slightly smaller. Either way they've cut down those hideous bezels, while it apparently retains the water resistance rating.

As an S4 owner the S5 was kind of my 'done with Samsung' moment, though actually this looks fairly interesting in a kinda boring Samsung way. Weird but I don't see anything out there that for me that beats the S4 at the mo. M8 and Z2 way too big for screen size, G3 a little too big overall despite being very impressive, S5 just really dislike it and they got rid of the S4's super slim bezels.

Got high hopes for the next Moto X though, especially now it's getting a 1080p screen (hoping for a slight screen size bump too then I'm in).