Surface Pro 2 Trade in value

My surface pro 2 had some voltage leaking issues and I had it replaced last week. I decided to ask if I could pay the difference and get a surface pro 3 as a replacement since they were giving me a new non refurbished one. They said they couldn't directly do that, but they had a trade in program to help people with surface pro 2s upgrade. I was optimistic about this since it was a sealed brand new unit so I figured I'd get a pretty good chunk knocked off the price of a pro 3. I placed a preorder for a pro3 and asked how much I could get back for it. They told me $400.. That's 4/13 of the original cost. I realize that I wasn't going to get my 1300 back, and that I'd get more if I sold it on craigslist or something, but $400 seems almost insultingly low for a sealed unit.