Please help me decide on my next Pico projector.


For a few years i've had and loved my Optamo PK301. It still works well (and it's selling for about 65% of it's original price still, wow) However, on my last trip about a month ago, it's HDMI input was broken by the wife, who was briskly cleaning the area. (wasn't totally her fault, it had been getting worse and worse, and the product was made with a mini hdmi port, the port itself cannot maintain the weight of a normal HDMI cable & adapter.)

The PK301 (to this day i believe, correct me if i'm wrong) is still the brightest Pico i could find that actually runs on battery, which it really doesn't. It's supposed to get between 90 and 120 min @ 50 lumen on battery. This after the years is now 10 min at the max. But on this regard i've decided that projectors and batteries are not the best bedfellows.

Fast forward 3-4 years and i'm now with my broken HDMI connector, i'm in the market for a new Pico, and there are a few interesting ones, that are making my choice very hard this time around.

Specs Common to both projectors:

  1. LED lamp lasting 20,000 hours.
  2. HDMI input
  3. 16:10 Native Aspect Ratio

the more or less "incumbent":



This is the Optoma ML750.

The Good: 700 lumen LED projector in that package. WXGA resolution (not bad for a pico) Built in media player with microSD slot. (supports mkv etc.)

The Bad: To get audio out (useful since audio is normally routed into the device via HDMI) you must use the multi purpose cable, which includes a VGA port. One 1w Speaker.

The Challenger:



This is the AAXA LED Android Projector

The Good: Normal Built in audio output (3.5mm) Built in Android device, (dual core un-named processor, 1gb ram, 4gb storage, with 802.11n/b/g and BT 2.0) two 2w speakers

The Bad: 150 Lumen short of it's rival. No SD slot even with Android (although can use USB thumb drives)

Obviously the AAXA product does bring some cool things to mind, like plex etc, although i already have a chrome-cast. (which requires it's own 5w a/c, however both projectors have full sized USB ports on the back which may accommodate this. (not verified).

The main downside i see to the ML750 is the built in speaker using it with HDMI. The need to plug in this multi function cable with a female 3.5mm & VGA plug (only needing the audio cable) is frustrating. Not sure if it's enough to pull me to the convenience of the AAXA however.

what would you do?