Chattanooga's Internet

I recently moved to Chattanooga. My girlfriend normally does most of the apartment shopping when we move to a new place. But this time I had feedback! Well, feedback in the nerdiest sense. I made sure we would be able to get Chattanooga's EPB Fiber in our new apartment. Apparently that is more difficult than it seems. Rewiring apartments and getting past Comcast's general shadiness is tough. Found the place of our cloud-based dreams after a long search. 1 Gbps bidirectional internet. I scheduled the set up as soon as possible. In fact, they arrived within an hour of me reaching the apartment with the moving truck.

I had always wondered what kind of modem they would use and how long the set up process would take. I even purchased the latest generation Airport Extreme just for this moment. I didn't want anything hindering some really great internet. The set up guy had arrived and confirmed everything he was setting up. He looked at the Airport Extreme and mentioned that those "Apple Boxes" are really good. Walked outside to the utility box in our backyard and flipped some switches and walked back inside. He tested an ethernet port in the wall and said you're good to go. That was it. No modem box or anything. He gave me an ethernet cord and asked if I needed another. I said no and he had me sign some paperwork then he was on his way.

Instead of unpacking all the boxes I booted up my computer and immediately began speed tests galore. It was unbelievable. I went to the Mac App Store and began redownloading Bioshock Infinite. A 30+ GB file and just about every game I had ever purchased in Steam. I couldn't download enough. I obviously hit the barrier with Apple's servers. Each item downloading from the Mac App Store will max at 20-24 Megabytes per second. Megabytes not Megabits. Downloading multiple items (Max 3 at a time from the Mac App Store) simultaneously will easily hit 60-70 Megabytes per second. I was drooling. I would have gone crazy for 70Mbps let alone 70 megabytes per second. I was briefly able to hit 124 megabytes per second but I kept having to delete Steam apps and Mac Apps and redownload to keep it up. So I definitely got really fast internet. But what about Netflix?

I have an Apple TV and immediately tried out Netflix. Having U-Verse previously (24Mbps down and 3Mbps up) we had issues with buffering before. Selected the new season of Orange is the New Black and It doesn't even show SD when it starts playing. It goes straight to HD. I love that. I doubt I'll see that message from Netflix telling my ISP is congested.

Last but not least. YouTube performance. I cannot tell you how many times I got linked to a youtube video and just gave up waiting for it to buffer. I went straight to the 4K video section. I NEEDED TO KNOW! I'll have you know, the video plays instantly and never stops. I was speechless. YouTube seemed fast! It was at that moment I knew I would never be able to live somewhere without access to 1Gbps.

Pricing is identical to Google Fiber for 1Gbps. $70. They have a cheaper plan at $58 for 100Mbps bi-directional. I guess the only difference is there are no taxes added to the price because it is a municipal utility. I know this post really is nothing more of me bragging about internet but my girlfriend is tired of hearing me call her over to look at my download speeds. Also, with all this net neutrality talk and Comcast merger, I felt like spreading some good news. I don't have any data limits and Chattanooga EBP is committed to net neutrality. Government did something right this time. There is hope for the internet!