Laptop advice

So I get a $1500 stipend from my college to buy a laptop. I start school this Fall.

My first question is if anything will come out between now and early August that I should wait for, or if there is something available now I should get.

I'll want to pay between maybe $1650 to $1800, whatever I need to get a future-proof laptop, I don't want to be under $1500, because I want to get the best bang for my buck. I like what Lenovo has, but I hate their messy design, I do like Sony's stuff, but they are getting out of the business, so I am unsure.

I've been looking around, but feel like I am missing something. Any suggestion would be great.

Oh and screen size should be between/around 13 to 15 inches, and I already have a tablet, so I don't really want a convertible, and I hope to get a SSD.

Thank you for any helpful suggestions.