Android Wear To Be More Than Just Google Knowledge? Health


With the announcement of Android Wear, I couldn't be more excited about the next foray of Android. I believe that this is the first step in Google's plans on bringing Android everywhere. To places like your car, and your home :living room (Android TV), Smoke Detector (Nest), possibly fridges, etc. But it all starts with Android Wear.

What got me excited was the functionality of google now. I use it all the time on my phone, but one of my favorite aspects about it was the contextual information, this was extremely powerful when combined with google maps. But google now does much more than just that. From tv suggestions, to score updates, weather updates, top news stories that you follow, nearby events, real time showtimes for top movies at the nearest theater (so awesome), etc. So for me, google focusing on map and industry leading realtime transportation information is very exciting. Not to mention cellular capabilities like voice texting, and useful calendar meeting notifications as well. All of that was all well and good, but there was something somewhat significant missing, health.

Now i'm probably not alone, but I don't really care about health functionality, and i've never really counted all of my calories for a particular day. But last month I saw something interesting in google now, it was a summary of how much I walked the entire month. I don't remember the length I walked, I just remembered thinking that it was cool that it knew that. Now it seems that google is expanding on that as well, with Google fit. Rumored to be announced at Google I/O

There's not much that we know about this, but apparently we know the following:

Google Fit is not set to be a standalone app or service, the expectation is that Google will open the APIs so that any developer can tap in. In accepting a user’s fitness data from many sources, Google Fit could become a user’s one stop shop for all of their fitness data needs.

Android Central

Sounds interesting and unique. This was one of the few missing pieces of what we know of Wear functionality. And apparently it has already been addressed. It sounds like this would allow wide ranging health related apps such as weight lifting, calorie counting, running, mountain biking, etc., to be able to work through Android Wear easily and fluently. Though I most likely won't be using these health apps, opening this up to developers just might make it interesting and more significantly: more fun to watch one's health through Android Wear.

What do you guys think?