wanna hear your thoughts !

Hey guys,
Currently on the latest generation Macbook Air 13 base unit - no upgrades.
At the moment my set-up is with the thunderbolt display - but the size differences between the air display and the thunderbolt has me wanting to couple it with another display - so have two with the air in clamshell mode.

BUT. There's a (gaming) niggling part of me that doesn't want to upgrade my xbox 360 to a one and instead get a iMac 27 instead of another thunderbolt display.
Another dilemma I have is that I could buy, three LG wide-screen 21:9 displays, for the price of my existing thunderbolt display - and then save the money for a mac pro.
A friend is selling one cheaper and i'm ever so slightly tempted.

But then I have the issue of continuity in data over the desktop and the laptop...
Shall I just get another display /or/ replace for LG displays + Mac Pro /or/ iMac ?

I'm rather undecided - probably because i know i shouldn't spend my spare time gaming - perhaps the only reason i would want the iMac - but then again the Mac Pro can run 6 external displays.

THANK you for your thoughts!