Google IO & 5.0 Wish List

Let the fun begin,

We are about ten days away from IO and I am excited .... Like really excited. Like a Beyoncé concert type of excited....(we'll maybe not THAT excited). Anyways, Apple really performed this year at WWDC, all the new features are enough to keep their current user and bring on a slew of new users. Google will have to give us something, new, innovative, and refreshing IMO. Also a new keyboard wouldn't hurt.

So, what's your wish list for the next version of Android? Heres what I'm hoping for....

1. UI refresh (Not a total refresh but the OS still feels a little dark in some places. I hope they have rethought the home screen experience.

2. App design - More consistency.

3. Project Road Runner. - we still have not seen this. Battery life on Android is not what it should be.

4. All Music for Google Play - one of the reason I bough iPhone was because Apple was the only one to get Beyonce's 5th album titled "Beyoncé" when I look on Google Play Music they still don't have it. Actually they don't have a lot of music that Apple iTunes has. I'm sure this is probably because artist probably sign over exclusive rights or there is a cause that says they album can't be on Google Play. But still...

5. For Google to show us something new. Honestly I've gotten bored with Android and I'm ready to be excited again. I really want them to step it up with Apps - look how long it took them to get IFTTT.